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White Wines

Catarratto/Pinot Grigio, Fiori Sul Muro - Italy
Citrus and tropical fruit flavours.
175ml £4.25 250ml £5.85 Bottle £14.25

Chenin Blanc, Inkosi-South - Africa
Off-dry, pineapple aromas.
175ml £4.25 250ml £5.85 Bottle £14.25

Sauvignon Blanc, Via Alta Reserva - Chile
Citrus and floral notes.
175ml £4.95 250ml £6.85 Bottle £16.95

Unoaked Chardonnay Town Hall, Franschhoek Cellars - South Africa
Frisky pineapple and citrus fruit.
175ml £5.15 250ml £7.15 Bottle £17.75

Sauvignon Blanc, Turtle Bay - New Zealand
Uplifting gooseberry and citrus fruit.
175ml £5.95 250ml £8.50 Bottle £21

Bianco, Bio 3 Passo - Italy
Tropical fruits.
175ml £5.95 250ml £8.5 Bottle £23.75

Red Wines

Merlot, Resplandy – France
Red cherry with strawberry hints.
175ml £4.25 250ml £5.85 Bottle £14.25

Shiraz, Jarrah Wood - Australia
Classic Shiraz, black cherry & spice
175ml £4.70 250ml £6.50 Bottle £15.95

Rioja Crianza, Viña Cerrada - Spain
Red berries and classic vanilla.
175ml £5.15 250ml £7.15 Bottle £17.95

Pinotage Stone Bridge, Franschhoek Cellars - South Africa
Heat and baking blackcurrant jam.
175ml £5.40 250ml £7.50 Bottle £18.95

Malbec, Los Haroldos Chacabuco - Argentina
Oak, spice and red berries.
175ml £6.50 250ml £7.80 Bottle £19.95

Rosso, Bio 3 Passo - Italy
Plums and blackberries.
175ml £5.95 250ml £8.5 Bottle £23.75

Rosé Wines...

White Zinfandel, Charlie Zin – USA
Red fruit and hints of delicate spices.
175ml £4.45 250ml £6.15 Bottle £14.25

Pinot Grigio Blush, Primi Soli - Italy
Refreshing burst of summer red fruits.
175ml £4.95 250ml £6.85 Bottle £16.75

Côtes de Provence Rosé, Quinson - France
Crisp, dry, and delicate with distinct strawberry notes.
Bottle £23.95

Sparkling Wines & Champagne...

Prosecco, Botter - Italy
Juicy ripe tropical fruits.
Bottle £21 Single serve bottle 200ml £6.95

Prosecco Rosé, Famiglia Botter D.O.C - Italy
Light rosé colour, elegant and intense bouquet.
Single serve bottle 200ml £6.95

Durbanville Hills,
Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - South Africa
Ripe tropical fruit elements.
Bottle £31

Charles Vercy, Cuvée De Reserve
Toasted crumpets.
Bottle £75

To finish off your meal, try this wonderful dessert wine…
Boschendal, Vin d'Or - South Africa
Aromas of tropical pineapple, green apple and honey with a touch of vanilla spice.
125ml £6.90 50cl Bottle £20

(Wine by the glass is also available in 125ml size)

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